Join us for NYC's Largest Kosher Whisky Festival

Kiddushfest is New York City's Premier Kosher Whisky Festival featuring top shelf spirits and award winning cuisine for whisky lovers and foodies of any faith!  Join us this June 18th 2020 at the historic Zanger Hall in Hudson Yards  347 W.34th Street NY. NY.     
After 12 years catering Kosher whisky dinners and events including all 7 years of NYC's acclaimed Whisky Jewbilee, Ari and Gemma White are pleased to return this Summer '20 to host the year's largest Kosher Whisky and Food Festival; our 10th whisky festival and second annual Kiddushfest.
The evening promises over 300 bottles from 40 Brands from around the world in addition to local breweries an outdoor cigar bar and award winning Glatt Kosher Food from the Wandering Que.    
 Don't miss the Summer's best New York Whisky tasting event!    Tickets are limited and go on sale February 18th.
Group Discounts and Corporate Sponsorships are available. 
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A Temporary Farewell to Whisky Jewbilee, and a BIG Shalom to Kiddushfest!

Surging Whiskey Market Spurs Growth In Whiskey Tastings


Boldly contradicting his earlier claim about all that needs to be said about the event, Bill bottom-lines it for our readers beautifully with this:
If you have $140, sure you can buy one nice bottle of something. Or, you could go out for a nice meal, have one or two glasses of an 18yo (maybe). At the Jewbilee, you can eat lots of good food, taste many rare whiskies—many costing over $200/bottle—smoke a cigar, watch the sun go down over New York City, meet old friends, make new friends, and explore a marvelous hobby in a robust, elegant setting. The choice, for us, is clear."

A Taste of Whiskey—at the Synagogue

"To hear whiskey drinkers tell it, enjoying a good glass of Scotch is akin to a spiritual experience. So perhaps it's appropriate that some 350 aficionados of the golden-hued liquid found themselves in a Midtown Manhattan synagogue on Thursday night, partaking of their favorite drink."


The Brisket Was To Die For: The Definitive Oral History of Whisky Jewbilee V