Join us for NYC's Largest Kosher Whisky Festival

We are thrilled to be returning the historic Hudson Yards Synagogue in Hudson Yards #NYC this June 30th for the 2nd Annual Kiddushfest!
Tickets are now on sale for all portions of this Kosher Whisky Festival including:
4:30 - Masterclass with the renowned Whisky Author Robin Robinson
5:30- VIP Hour offering a Whisky Class by the National Brand Ambassador of Bardstown
6:30-10:30 - The Ultimate Kiddush Club with gala kiddush provided by The Wandering Que
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After a two-year hiatus, we are so thrilled to announce this year’s @kiddushfest in #NYC on June 30th as written up today in @whisky_magazine described as the world’s largest Kosher whisky festival! More importantly than raising a glass with long-lost friends however, we have dedicated ourselves to raising $50,000 for @tikvaodessa a Jewish Childeren’s orphanage in #odessaukraine🇺🇦 Come check out the 30 brands and hundreds of whiskeys from around the world. Enjoy our enormous offerings from @wanderingque and @therebbeschoice. A VIP hour and single cask #FestivalBottle are available as well. Join us for a night to remember. #Lchaim #Tolife

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A Temporary Farewell to Whisky Jewbilee, and a BIG Shalom to Kiddushfest!

Surging Whiskey Market Spurs Growth In Whiskey Tastings


Boldly contradicting his earlier claim about all that needs to be said about the event, Bill bottom-lines it for our readers beautifully with this:
If you have $140, sure you can buy one nice bottle of something. Or, you could go out for a nice meal, have one or two glasses of an 18yo (maybe). At the Jewbilee, you can eat lots of good food, taste many rare whiskies—many costing over $200/bottle—smoke a cigar, watch the sun go down over New York City, meet old friends, make new friends, and explore a marvelous hobby in a robust, elegant setting. The choice, for us, is clear."

A Taste of Whiskey—at the Synagogue

"To hear whiskey drinkers tell it, enjoying a good glass of Scotch is akin to a spiritual experience. So perhaps it's appropriate that some 350 aficionados of the golden-hued liquid found themselves in a Midtown Manhattan synagogue on Thursday night, partaking of their favorite drink."


The Brisket Was To Die For: The Definitive Oral History of Whisky Jewbilee V